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5 newbie coping strategies for video stories

Stay with me if you want an introverted newbie’s coping strategies for talking on camera on Instagram stories!

For the past month, I’ve been making myself do a video story once a week. Though I’ve often questioned if it’d REALLY help people “know, like and trust” me? What if it makes them DISlike me instead? Is anyone even interested in what I’m saying?

Doubts and discomfort aside, I decided to prove to myself I can do it.

So, here are 5 newbie coping tips for talking on camera in Instagram Stories:

1. Do lots (and lots) of takes.

My first attempt, I did 10+ takes, easily. And min 1.5 hrs before I posted the video! By the 10th (or more) take, I was so over seeing and hearing myself talk I just wanted to hit post, and be done with it. Which is great! Because by this time, your nerves would have subsided significantly, and you’d know your spiel well enough to ad lib as needed. And…the more videos you do, the less time it will take (so i’m told! haha).

2. Don’t get hung up on the story navigation stats.

It’s natural to wonder if people are watching your videos. Are they forwarding, going to the next story, or exiting? I suggest ignoring the stats! It will only trigger self doubt. Think of the video stories as a personal experiment/challenge. If you can shift your focus, the stats will become less important.

3. Go unscripted and be more yourself.

When I get too focused on what I want to say, I get a bit robotic. It’s a running joke with my husband that I’m like C-3PO. Anyways,…when I’m thinking out aloud and almost talking to myself, the nerves ease for a few moments because I’m not worrying about how I’m presenting on camera. Maybe try tactic no.1 (previous post) to get you to the point where you can speak unscripted ;).

4. Don’t be afraid to use a filter!

Until recently, I was comparing my au naturel skin to other’s silky smooth filtered glow! Isn’t it crazy how we’re so hard on ourselves based on half truths and assumptions. We don’t judge others for wearing make up, right? Filters are no different. If using a filter makes you feel more comfortable and confident, I say go for it. I love the Paris filter!

5. Resize your video story clips

If I’m feeling like my face is a bit too up close and personal on screen, I reduce the image size of the video clips by pinching the screen after recording. Make sure your story is over 15 seconds because if it’s a single clip, you can’t resize the screen.

These tips have helped me with video stories. But, please remember it’s okay if you’re not ready to do them.

There’s enough pressure in our day to day that we don’t need to feel like we aren’t doing enough or giving 110% just because we’re not ready for video stories. Plus, there are plenty of other ways to connect with your audience, maybe even outside of Instagram.

Let me know if you’ve found any of these coping strategies are helpful, or if you try them out.