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6 questions to ask yourself in December

This time of year always stirs so many emotions for me.

I look back on the year and reflect on how I could’ve done better. What I could’ve done more off. Differently.

Nothing to do with sales, business goals or dream clients. And everything to do with family.

Questions to ask yourself as the year draws to a close:
  1. Did I make time to truly listen to their stories?
  2. Did I look them in the eyes when they spoke to me?
  3. Did I tell them how much I appreciate their kind gestures and generosity?
  4. Did I accept their help when they offered?
  5. Was I truly present in the moments we shared?
  6. Did I make time to simply be with them?

So yes — always looking to do better at these things.

Time and presence are our gifts to give. And they are priceless when received, any time of year.