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What are you letting go?

6 things to feel good about letting go

Letting go can be exciting because it allows you to breathe again.

It lets you invite into your life what you’ve not had the time, energy or mental/emotional capacity for.

Do any of these sound familiar?

1. personal/professional relationships that gives you anxiety by day, and insomnia by night

2. physical clutter that fills you with dread each time you walk past it

3. to-do list items you keep pushing to the next day/week/month/year (me!)

4. a growing list of podcasts/online courses/books you must listen/watch/read (also kinda me..)

5. the expectation you put on yourself to do it all, but have no idea how

6. you keep doing something that’s making you unhappy because you don’t want to let others down

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious is a clue something needs to change.

It’s a sign you need to make a decision.

Maybe you need to let go of something/someone/limiting thoughts or beliefs.

For me, I’m practicing letting go of needing to have everything figured out before taking my next step. This one isn’t easy for me.

So, I’d love to know what you’ve recently let go of? What do you need to set free?