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How brush lettering led me to become a Life Coach

It was new year’s day 2017, and after our big breakfast with our little family, my husband and I got talking about our hopes and dreams for the year. This was THE conversation that inspired me to turn my love for brush lettering into custom art prints.

Within days I’d set up a new Instagram account to share my work. What I hadn’t expected was the anxiety that became my daily companion. I felt inadequate and insecure about myself and my artwork, and spent more time comparing myself to others, than I did creating!

I soon realised I wasn’t alone in feeling this way. As I got to know other creatives and business owners who were sharing their work on social media, I was saddened to hear the same feelings of comparison and inadequacy were shared by many.

All I wanted to do help these women believe in themselves again. I wanted to encourage them to remember their purpose and stay focused on their goals. And I wanted to instil the importance of really loving and caring for themselves — in mind, body and spirit.

At the time, the only way I knew how to help was by sharing brush lettered words with the hope of providing some comfort and inspiration. I believe the written word has a way of speaking to our hearts and shifting our perspective when we need it most.

The truth is, I lettered those words for myself, as much as for others.

But an inspirational quote on Instagram only lasts as long as it takes to scroll to the next post. And you can’t delve into the deeper issues over a few DM’s.

I knew within myself I wanted to support individuals more and help them create deeper lasting change within themselves.

Ultimately, it was through understanding the common threads woven through my life experiences, getting clear on my values, and honouring my natural desire to help others, that becoming a certified Holistic Life Coach and Mind Body Practitioner made sense. (read my story here)

Navigating the path to finding my deeper purpose was an eye opening, rewarding and at times emotional experience. I’m grateful to now help others do the same.

My brush lettering allowed me to share inspirational quotes and posts, but it’s through 1:1 Life Coaching I now help others reconnect with themselves, gently reignite their self belief, and encourage small actionable steps towards pursuing their dreams, both big and small, that are truest to them.

If you’re curious about working together, I invite you send me any questions you have, or book your free 20 minute discovery call via the contact page here. Or read more about how we can work together here.