My Story

Thank you for stopping by to read my story. I appreciate you being here! x

Fresh out of university with a marketing degree, I went straight into retail marketing, then public service, before securing a position in corporate marketing.

Work and life in general was tracking along nicely, until the sudden onset of chronically severe adult eczema in my mid 20s threw everything off course.

The eczema worsened after the birth of my first child, and a few weeks after my second baby, most of my body was covered with red, raw and very painful eczema. The softest clothing was like sandpaper against my skin.


“…my husband held our family together because I couldn’t


Even before we had our boys, I was determined not to mask the symptoms with steroid creams, switched to chemical free personal care and cleaning products, stuck to a very clean diet, took supportive supplements, and we’d even installed a shower filter. Yet the eczema remained.

The reality was, when our boys were little, my husband held our family together because I couldn’t. He not only worked to support us financially, but he also changed nappies, bathed the boys, cooked dinner, did the groceries, and comforted me on days when it all felt too much and I couldn’t hold back the tears.

In searching for answers, I learned about the Mind Body Connection, and became fascinated by how emotions, such as stress, affect our physical bodies, like our gut health and hormones. This was the beginning of many years of self-study, and shifted my mindset from being a victim of the condition, to feeling empowered I could actually take steps towards my own healing.


“…Self Love was the beginning of my physical healing.”


Still, the years passed with minimal improvement, and the guilt of not being present and emotionally available for our little boys weighed heavily on me. Eventually, with my husband’s encouragement, I found an incredible holistic practitioner who taught me what it meant to truly love myself.

I learned to nurture my mind and body by making decisions that weren’t always the easiest, but were the kindest for me.

Self Love was the beginning of my physical healing, and would later set me on a path of self discovery.


“…allowing the “likes” to dictate my self worth”


With my health improving, and our boys in school, I returned to work part time, and found a new creative love in brush lettering.

I started to share my lettering on social media, but was consumed by feelings of not being good enough, and allowed the “likes” to dictate my self worth on any given day.

But I wasn’t the only one feeling this way.

So many fellow creatives I spoke to were overwhelmed by self doubt, the fear of not being good enough, and the constant comparison to someone else’s curated highlights.

The only way I knew how to help was to inspire Self Love through my brush lettered words. I wanted to encourage others to believe in themselves and their purpose, to stay focused on their own goals, and prioritise caring for themselves.


“…I discovered the common thread was Self Love”


Although my lettering was purposeful, I wanted to support individuals more by helping them create deeper lasting change within themselves.

In seeking purpose and direction, I got clear on what I stood for, what I believed in, what I valued, and what I prioritised.

It was through this process of self understanding, I noticed the common thread was Self Love.

Self Love put me on the path to physical healing. Inspiring Self Love in others made my lettering purposeful. And encouraging Self Love and being true to oneself was at the core of how I wanted to be of service to others.


“I wanted to help others love themselves again”


I wanted to help others love themselves again — to gently reignite their self belief, and encourage small actionable steps towards pursuing their dreams, both big and small, that are truest to them.

Knowing how I wanted to serve others, becoming a certified Holistic Life Coach and Mind Body Practitioner made sense.

With everything I’ve learned from my health challenges, life lessons and work experiences, I now offer 1:1 Holistic Life Coaching to help you see the amazing human you’ve always been, and grow into the truest version of yourself.