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What are you waiting for?

Questions to move you towards your dreams

I’ve not chosen a word for the year, so this feisty little question is my 2021 sidekick.

Do you put off doing things because:

  • You think you don’t know enough.
  • You think you need more experience.
  • You don’t feel confident.
  • You think you need to find more clarity.

So my challenge to you (and myself!) is next time you have one of these thoughts, try asking yourself, what are you REALLY waiting for?

Then decide on your next step, no matter how small it seems.

Questions to ask yourself to help move you towards achieving your dreams:
  • where or how can you learn what you need?
  • how can you get more experience?
  • how can you give yourself a little confidence boost?
  • what can you try next to gain a little more clarity?

As an expert procrastinator, I can confirm you can’t “think” yourself into confidence and clarity. It comes from DOING.

If you needed a nudge, here’s your nudge. So, what are you waiting for my lovely? Go DO.