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Why I created the More Self Love Intention Cards?

I created the More Self Love Intention Cards as a way to help myself, and others invite more self love into our every day lives.

Each card provides a different Self Love intention which can be chosen depending on what you wish to give more attention to at any given time. Display on your work desk, or somewhere that is visible to you throughout your day. Let the intention card be a reminder about how you will be more loving and caring towards yourself.

Self Love is not a fancy new concept. However, over the past few years it has emerged with prominence on social media as more people embrace this wonderful commitment to themselves.

I can attest to Self Love as being absolute gold. Self Love takes an ongoing commitment , otherwise we slip back into old routines that are less that loving for ourselves. That’s when our health can suffer, and our emotional wellbeing can be compromised.

It was a commitment to Self Love that allowed me to heal from a chronic illness, so I have personal experience in seeing it work its magic.

So what is Self Love?

I believe self love is different for everybody and is dependent on our current life situation. Here are some examples of self love:

  • A working mother with school aged children might give herself 15 minutes before the children wake for a quiet cup of tea before starting the morning school routine.
  • A working father with young children may commit to not working overtime so he’s home to read his child a bedtime story.
  • A busy executive with early starts might switch off their computer earlier at night, therefore waking earlier to prepare a nourishing breakfast instead of settling for a takeaway coffee on run.
  • A stay-at-home mum might ask a friend or family member to babysit her child for a few hours once a week so she can attend a regular yoga class.

You can see the More Self Love Intention Cards in my store. They have been created with love, and I hope they help you invite more self love into your everyday.

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