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Handwritten words about overwhelm

Self awareness to ease overwhelm

OVERWHELM // My little guy was not his usual cheeky full-of-beans self this morning. He was absent-minded and couldn’t focus on getting ready for school. I could tell he was a bit overwhelmed. When I asked him what was up, he fobbed me off with a “I dunno…just tired..” which I wasn’t buying.

Further mama investigation revealed he was upset he got up later than he wanted this morning. And he was frustrated he forgot to charge up his iPad for school.

Once he figured out what was upsetting him, he realised it wasn’t so bad, and he was back to cracking bad puns and styling his hair for school.

Same goes for us grown ups right? When we take a minute to identify what’s overwhelming us, it becomes less overwhelming. Just seems too easy, right..!?