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Journaling my personal “why”

I asked my husband how he’d describe what I value most, to someone who’d never met me.

He paused. It was a long pause. Luckily we are way past the awkward silences stage. He said holding onto special moments is really important to me, and I do whatever I can to capture those memories.

I showed him the notes from when I brainstormed what’s important to me. Some of my WHY’s. Gosh, he knows me well.

I wrote:

Sentimental. I don’t want to forget all the magical moments. I want to hold onto them forever. Being a mum is my greatest joy. And the biggest challenge. You always want the best for your children. You want them to love themselves. To be confident humans. To see their worth and know how much they are loved. To teach them to love and care for themselves.

To be considerate of others. To be compassionate and kind towards others. I have learned that we all just want to be seen. To be heard. To know we are important, loved, acknowledged and understood. To feel valued.”

My personal WHY is simple and almost unambitious. I want my boys to know how much they are loved and to value themselves.

And this flows into my work WHY. I want to help you realise the value you bring to the world. To believe in yourself. Sometimes we need someone to tell us how amazing we are a few billion times before it sinks in.

Do you write things down to get more clarity? Or do you prefer to talk things out?