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One of our deepest human needs

Can I share a story with you?

So, I remember this one afternoon I sat with my Grandfather at my Aunty’s kitchen table with the retro yellow vinyl swivel chairs she’s had since forever. I had picked up his favourite pineapple buns from the Chinese bakery for the occasion.

That day, I “interviewed” my Grandfather about his childhood, how he met my Grandmother, their wedding day, the bookstore where he worked as a young man, and how he came to live in Australia. I wrote everything down, not wanting to miss any details.

I hope he knew his life did not go unnoticed. That his life mattered.

For this reason, I document memories and milestones for my boys. I want them to know the seemingly ordinary things they say and do, the things they think and care about, their kindness and thoughtful gestures do not go unnoticed. That I have noticed, seen and heard them.

This quote speaks about one of our deepest innate human needs. And that’s to know our story has been heard. Our feelings acknowledged. Our joys celebrated. And our hardships and humanness witnessed.

Do you remember a time you felt truly noticed, seen and heard?