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Simba and Spot toys on stack of folded pants.

Take in the every day moments

The other day, after school pick up, my boys swiftly retreated into their separate rooms, doors closed with their laptop and tablet. Generally I encourage them to stay in the dining room with their devices so I can at least keep an eye on them.

This particular afternoon they were both on Skype with their mates. It was an odd feeling not having seen them all day, and then have them disappear into their rooms straight after school. Just a glimpse into what I can expect more of in the future. I wandered down the hallway past their closed doors and felt somewhat rejected. Such a sook!

It was only a few years ago when they weren’t preoccupied with screens. Going outside to shoot hoops in the front yard after school was the norm. Or they would build with their Lego, and my youngest would read a book or draw.

Being caught up in the distractions of my to-do lists, errands and chores has been the quickest way to miss those beautiful every day moments.

I have started to make a point of observing them more. To really see them. Taking in all the details.

And listening. Listening to their stories, listening to how they talk with each other (when they’re not arguing). And to savour how it feels to be able to wrap my arms around them completely when I hug them. Because pretty soon they will be bigger than me.

Last night when I was preparing dinner, I looked up to see them both sitting in the big office chair watching television. I won’t go into why we have a big office chair in the lounge room! I soaked up that scene in my mind, trying hard to capture it so I wouldn’t forget. It won’t be long before it will be impossible for them both to squeeze comfortably into that chair. Plus it looked so darn cute! (you don’t know how they like to squabble…)

And this morning when I was making school lunches, I knew they weren’t brushing their teeth like they were supposed to because all I could hear was their constant Clash of Clans chatter and laughing. My first thought was to rouse them to stop talking and hurry them along. Instead, I decided to enjoy listening to them and just take it in. I was reminded how grateful I am for the strong connection they have. Brothers. Hanging out whilst teeth brushing and hair styling… making ordinary every day memories.

Creating moments to observe, listen and take in our children is probably one of the most beautiful gifts we can give ourselves.

I’d love to hear how you like to take in your every day moments with your kiddos!

PS. Photo is of Simba and Spot (my eldest’s favourite cuddle toys as a littlie) and the cutest pyjama pants my mum sewed for the boys when they were toddlers. I love the fabrics Mum chose. Before I gave them to my friend, I photographed them for future photobooks.