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Is it an intuitive NO or nervous resistance?

I expressed my interest in a design project yesterday without knowing too much of the details. Almost immediately afterwards, I felt a sense of dread and regret that I’d put myself forward. The fear. The anxiety. I thought to myself, please pleeeease, DON’T PICK ME!!

Why do I do this to myself!?

The dread and anxiety was my intuition telling me it wasn’t right. A misalignment between my heart and my head. My gut feeling. My *inner stink* as my youngest used to call it… aka instinct.

Sometimes, I mistake my intuitive `no’ for the nervous fear of being out of my comfort zone…so I try push through and challenge myself.

But how do you tell normal nervous resistance (i.e. intuitive YES), from a true intuitive NO (ie don’t do it!)?

Here’s a few things I’ve noticed about an intuitive YES [..go for it..!]:

  • you feel scared, but you’re still excited to do it
  • you start daydreaming about what life would look like if you went ahead with it
  • even though everyone you’ve asked (and you’ve spoken to A LOT of people) says not to do it, you still kinda want to
  • even after you decide you’re definitely, DEF-initely NOT doing it, you keep thinking about whether you still should

Have any of these happened to you? How do you tune into your intuition?