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3 reasons why your best ideas come in the shower

Have you ever wondered why you have your best ideas in the shower?

Apparently when you’re showering, you’re in Theta state, which is also associated with daydreaming and deep meditation.

So, when you’re in the shower, you have the perfect conditions for stimulating creative thinking.

3 reasons why your best ideas come in the shower:

1. You’re relaxed.

You feel safe, comfortable and if you’re lucky, you’re kids aren’t in there with you, so your mind is relaxed and free to wander, and zone out.

2. Your dopamine is flowing.

When you’re relaxed and feeling chilled, your brain will release a generous dose of dopamine so you’re also feeling pretty darn good.

3. You’re distracted + on autopilot.

Showering takes no thought, allowing your “focused thinking brain” to relax and your unconscious kicks in. This means different pathways of your brain are now free to connect and make new and unique associations. Hello creative thinking magic!

Some people have their best ideas when driving, meditating, or as they drift off to sleep. ie. when it’s most inconvenient to record ideas on your phone OR take notes.

I’d love to hear when you have your best ideas and light bulb moments?