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I help you embrace + honour your true self,
mind, body, heart + soul.

Gain clarity and direction for your goals, hopes and dreams.

Recognise limiting beliefs, thoughts and habits keeping you from moving forward.

More self understanding and awareness about who you truly are.

Understand your deeper why and purpose.

Tune into your unique self care rhythm that nurtures and helps you thrive.

A safe space where you’re seen and heard without judgement, and fully supported.


“I recently had the wonderful opportunity to work 1:1 with Sue.

I’ve had the joy of working with a coach previously, and found my experience with Sue to be so much greater than imagined. From our first conversation I could feel her warmth and guidance shine. Sue has a natural ability to listen and support with questions to help guide you toward what we already possess within.

I looked forward to each session and easily felt the clarity come with our conversations. Thank you so much Sue for helping me let go of long held limiting beliefs and work towards truly living my dreams.”

– Amanda P

How we can work together

  • New Client Package $400
    • 1 X 90 min. initial call
    • 2 x 60 min follow up call
    • total 3 sessions over 8 weeks
    • phone/zoom
  • Follow Up Package $340
    • 3 x 60 min call
    • for returning clients
    • total 3 sessions over 8 weeks
    • phone/zoom
  • Single Session Coaching Call $130
    • 60 min call
    • for new and returning clients
    • single session
    • phone/zoom

If you’d like to schedule a FREE 20 minute discovery call, please message me here.


“Sue has the ability to guide you if you need clarity about how to move towards the future if you’re feeling stuck with how you’re approaching life. I gained an increased awareness of thought patterns that were hindering how I saw myself.

With Sue’s coaching I felt more empowered to make decisions that reflected my priorities.

Sue made me feel comfortable and valued during our sessions.”

– Alice K

What to expect when we work together:

  • In our first session, I learn about you! Your hopes and dreams. Your challenges.
  • Follow up sessions is when we can get curious about what’s keeping you stuck and ways for you to move forward.
  • You set the goal for your sessions. We focus on what you need most.
  • I do a lot of listening, and guide you to realise what’s true for you.
  • We set small achievable actions that feel right for you.

If you’d like to schedule a FREE 20 minute discovery call, please message me here.