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4 steps to an Instagram bio that connects

Your Instagram bio is such a great opportunity to tell your ideal customers how you can serve them, and to connect with them.

If you are thinking about giving your bio a makeover, here’s 4 simple things to keep in mind:

1. Include your name.
When was the last time you introduced yourself by your business name only? Probably never, right? If it’s just you in your biz, it’s a good idea to include your name in your bio, so when people chat to you via DM or comment, they can address you by your first name. It makes it much more personal!

2. Name your dream client.
Be it business owners, home interior lovers, artists, pregnant women, healthy eaters… make it a no brainer for your dream client to quickly recognise that your product/service is FOR THEM.

3. Spell out what you are offering.
Don’t make people scroll through your account to find out what you do or what you sell. Chances are, they just want to get back to a relaxing scroll sesh, or insta story surfing .

4. Tell them how you can make their life better.
People visit your profile to find out if you’ve got something they need. ie. inspiration, connection, knowledge, a solution to a problem, or something to make their life easier/better/ happier. So don’t put them through a scavenger hunt to find out, make it clear in your bio.

Do you update your bio often? What’s your biggest challenge in writing your bio when you do?

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