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Hello, and welcome to my little space. My name is Sue, and I am a self taught lettering artist and creative.

As a child, I begged my mother to buy me lettering books. I traced the letters from these books onto tracing paper, used my pencil to scribble over the back of the traced letters, and then traced the outlines of the letters again to transfer onto my school projects. I soon started to freehand my headings and teachers suggested I might become a sign writer when I grew up.

I did not become a sign writer, and instead, dived into the world of corporate marketing. In hindsight, it’s no surprise my favourite part of the job was crafting copy and visual content.

I hung up my power suits for loungewear when I became a mama and I have loved every minute of it. After easing myself back into the workforce as my babies started their schooling, I have rediscovered my love for creating.

Combining my love of the written word, handwriting, photography and design is my idea of living the dream. The words I script are inspired by my every day aha moments, thoughts on life and motherhood, and the regular self talks I have with myself about being more than enough just the way I am.

I believe words inspire and motivate. They can be grounding, comforting, and shift our perspective on our life situation. The words on my hand lettered prints are special to me, and I hope they bring you something special too.