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8 simple ways to slow down and be present.

A few years ago, we travelled interstate for a short getaway by the ocean with our little family. Being away from our everyday routine and spending time by the ocean made me feel like time had slowed down. It was very addictive.

Feeling connected and present gives us the illusion that time is standing still, and it feels somewhat magical and amazing.

As a mother with young children, I am very aware of how quickly the years roll by. One minute they are babies, next minute they are starting kindergarten, and before you know it, they are off to secondary school.

We can’t slow time down, but we can slow down the mental pace at which we are going about our daily lives. It’s easy to let our minds think about our next task before we have even completed the task at hand.

Personally, the days when I have been glued to my computer are the days I feel disappointed with myself when I am saying goodnight to my boys. I get a sad reality check when I need to ask them what they have been up to that afternoon, even though we have been home together. Sadly, that’s my real life somedays. This is when I know it’s time to slow down and be more present with them.

The need to slow down is real. WHY? Because if we don’t slow down, we will miss all the beautiful golden moments that are sprinkled throughout our every day.

Some things I do to slow down:

  • Give 100% of my attention to my child who is telling me about their day in great detail
  • Savouring their cuddles and taking in how little they feel when I wrap my arms around them
  • Looking at my children and really SEEING them. Their eyelashes, the colour of their eyes, the softness of their cheeks
  • Talking to my husband about his day, and sharing about mine helps reconnect us after our working day
  • Sitting down to have a meal together at the table with my family and enjoying conversation without distractions
  • Stepping out onto my back deck and breathing in the fresh air, and noticing the way the trees are moving with the breeze
  • Looking up at the sky and taking it all in
  • Taking every opportunity to admire and savour beautiful sunsets

What do you do to savour slow?  I’d love to read about your experiences with slowing down and what you do to enjoy your every day moments. Feel free to share in the comments below.

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