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3 steps to finding your brand personality

As an entrepreneur, developing a strong personal brand is so important. If you think about all your marketing efforts as the way you communicate with your audience, then your brand personality is your VIBE during those interactions. Much like when you meet someone, and you click straightaway. It’s hard to pin point exactly why you click, but you know you like their vibe and energy.

When you know your brand personality, these characteristics will shine through in your Instagram captions, blog content, newsletters, visual imagery, packaging, and the way you respond to emails and telephone enquiries.

Here are 3 steps to get clearer on your brand personality:

1. Imagine your brand as a real person with purpose, values and personality.

2. Identify 3-5 words you’d ideally like others to use when they talk about your brand’s stand out characteristics. ie. professional, honest, creative, fun..?

3. Think about your current marketing efforts. Does the vibe you are communicating match the characteristics you identified in step 2. If not, then have a look at making some tweaks.

But what if you can’t seem to narrow it down to less than 3 words?

Having too many words will make it more challenging to streamline your brand message within your marketing content, making it less cohesive and even a bit confusing for your audience.

If you are finding it hard to narrow down your brand personality to less than five words, I would encourage you to work on getting clear on your brand’s overarching purpose, values and vision.

If you own a small business and have any questions about personalising your brand message or marketing, feel free to reach out.

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