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More Balance card in timber stand

Why I created the Self Love intention cards

I created these MORE Self Love Intention Cards because I know first hand how being kinder to myself can absolutely 100% transform, heal and bring a joy that comes from within. I wanted to make something that would help others find more self love in their every day.

When you sift through the cards to choose what you want to focus on for the day (week..month..), you are taking the first step to prioritising yourself. How awesome is that!?

Intuitively, you already know what you need MORE of, whether it’s to breathe more, stretch more, laugh more, nourish more, or daydream more…so having a visual reminder will reinforce your commitment to yourself. That in itself is very self loving.

I believe self love looks different for everybody and it’s about finding what is truest for you.

Here are some examples of how you can be more Self Loving:
  • Getting up 15 minutes before the children wake for a quiet cup of tea 
  • Setting clear boundaries about not working late
  • Preparing a nourishing lunch instead of skipping meals
  • Reaching out to ask for help when things get too much
  • Going to bed earlier
  • Staying hydrated during the day
What others have said about the Self Love intention cards:

I love my Intention Cards. Whenever I sit down at my desk, I give them a shuffle. I love to see what comes up and it’s ALWAYS a valid reminder.” – Naomi S

Working from home means we sometimes miss the little ‘transitions’ that move us from point-to-point in a day. Sue’s Intention Cards sit on my desk and have become a ritual that helps me transition — gently — into my ‘work brain’ each day. And they always tell me what I need to hear.” – Chrissy C

Your cards are like self-care oracle cards! I think your cards are magic.” – Claire G

You can purchase your own set of the the More Self Love Intention Cards in my store. They’ve been created with love to help you invite more self love into your everyday.