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How self care is your decision

Would it be easier to just leave self care off your to-do list?

Whether you have minis (kiddos) or not, feeling short of time is the most common challenge when it comes to self care. (Hint: my previous post has super simple self care ideas you can try)

So…, I don’t recommend letting go of self care. But I do suggest thinking of self care as less of a “to do”, and more as small intentional daily decisions.

Sure, some of these decisions will become actions. But not all self loving decisions require you to set aside time to do it.

Here’s some ideas to get you started!

1. Make a decision to give yourself what YOU KNOW YOU NEED:
  • more leafy greens in your meals
  • getting on top of your finances (mm hmm..)
  • dinner at the table with the family (less tv dinners)
  • booking that dentist appointment you’ve been putting off
  • 20 minutes before bed to read the book you’ve been saving for “when you have time”.
2. Make a decision to honour WHAT ISN’T RIGHT FOR YOU:
  • setting boundaries around work hours (esp if you work from home)
  • saying “no” when something isn’t right for you, even if it means disappointing someone initially
  • asking for help when you need it (life and/or biz)
  • not taking on other people’s problems and feeling like it’s your responsibility to solve them (sound familiar..?)

Everyday you have the opportunity to love yourself a little more.

Do any of the above sound like something you’d do or you swear by already?