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card with words rest more in black

“Rest” is giving yourself breathing space

Weekends are even better when there is time to rest. And I don’t necessarily mean having a sleep in, or a siesta. Although I’m not opposed to either of those!

“Rest” can be about giving ourselves breathing space. The chance to take it slow and easy… to take things in and hit pause on the hustle and grind mentality.

Ideas for slowing down and having a restful weekend:
  • indulge in a leisurely breakfast
  • enjoying a second or third cup of tea
  • dote over your plant babies as you give them their weekly watering
  • soaking up the the sunshine
  • breathe in the ocean breeze
  • get messy with your paints
  • fill your house with the smell of freshly baked muffins
  • get cosy with a good book
  • taking a long bath

Sound good?

I’ll be fussing over my plant babies today, having some paint play, and soaking up some sunshine out on our back deck with a cup of tea. Full disclosure though, I did all my chores yesterday so I could have today free. The laundry mountain is real.

What have you got planned for your Sunday? Will you have time to rest and slow down?

Rest More card (pictured) is from my More Self Love intention card set. You can find them in my shop .