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What does your intuition sound like?

We often think of finding our voice as speaking up. Or speaking out. The confidence to speak our truth.

But what about finding our INNER voice. No, no, not the one that makes you doubt how wonderful you are.

I’m talking about the gentle, kind, encouraging voice that is barely a whisper. You FEEL it in unexpected daydreamy moments of driving, showering, or brushing your teeth.

And it’s so fleeting that you almost disregard the feeling as irrational optimism or wishful thinking.

Try reading the following excerpt with “voice” to mean your INNER voice.

She claimed freedom
in a voice finally found,
the strength to spread her wings,
and finally fly.”
— Leo Christopher

That inner voice is our inner guidance. Our intuition gently whispering to us, the thing we are too scared to do, or falsely believe we aren’t capable of…that we absolutely can.

PS. Journaling is a great way to tune into those gentle whispers.

When was the last time you listened to your intuition and followed the nudge?