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Your time to shine is right now.

I didn’t feel ready but did it anyway

Is it possible that no amount of planning, reading, journaling, reflecting, online programs, free webinars (aka extra long promos) or big chats with your bestie will make you feel 100% ready to do “the thing”?

Maybe it‘s not even about being ready. Maybe it’s about taking a leap of faith and BELIEVING you have the smarts to figure it out along the way?

Almost every biggish pretty important thing in my life, I didn’t feel ready or “qualified” for.

Examples of a few of my real life non-readiness:
  • my driving test (other drivers probably weren’t ready for me either)
  • every exam I ever took at university
  • every new job I ever started
  • having children (and parenting in general..!)
  • buying a house, then building a house
  • charging money for my work
  • Christmas… every. single. year.

See. NEVER ready. But it all worked out okay.

Your time to shine is right now. Go do the thing.!!

What’s something you want to do right now but you want to wait until you feel MORE ready?