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Reflecting on 2017.

So here we are. New Year’s Eve 2017. There’s something about getting organised, making plans and writing lists that makes me happy and inspired. So it’s no surprise I love planners and stationery. I don’t know how it happened, but I bought TWO 2018 planners, one of which is my first ever MiGOALS planner. #notsponsored

On the MiGOALS blog, there is a post “How to reflect on 2017 for your best year yet” (original post here) that caught my attention and I thought why not share my personal reflections. The following prompts/questions are from the MiGOALS blog post.

What was I doing this time last year?

This time last year I was on holidays from my day job and started to wonder how I could create more time doing the things I love. I was also trying to figure out exactly what it was that I love doing. Was it crafting? Photography? Brush lettering? Scrapbooking? There were quite a few things that came to mind, not surprisingly, most of them of a creative nature.


How did I grow in the past year?

In the past year, my biggest lesson has been learning to focus on my own thing. I learned to take the emphasis off what others were doing and to not let someone else’s story be the barometer for my own achievements.

A quote that shifted my thinking is:


There is so much truth right there.

Of course I still have moments where I feel self doubt or comparison creeping in, but now I can pull myself out of that downward spiral more easily, and get back to focusing on my own thing.


What went well?

I had some small personal achievements over the past 12 months, and they would be seemingly insignificant to anyone else. Overall, I feel that I gained many new skills and knowledge by jumping right in and giving things a go, reading books, online articles and tutorials.


Who were the people who helped me?

My husband has been amazing in supporting my amibition. He has listened tirelessly to my initial doubts and comparisons. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and continues to cheer me.

And my bestie who is always there to encourage me when I am feeling defeated.


What were three important lessons I learnt in 2017?

1. If you are going to do something, do it properly the first time, because if you try to take shortcuts, you usually end up having to do it again. So really, you spend twice (or three times) as long on the project. There are no short cuts to doing something properly.

2. When you focus on your own thing, and stop comparing yourself to others who are further along in their journey, you gain a freedom and space that allows your creativity to blossom.

3. Take the time to identify what you love doing, what brings you joy, and your unique skills and abilities. It is in these things that you can create your own magic.


What am I choosing to focus on in 2018?

1. More doing, less doubting. 2017 was a year of learning to let go of self doubt, so 2018 is about making plans and setting achievable goals.

2. Family. At the start of every new year, I tell myself I will spend more time with my family. 2018 is no different. More time with my beautiful mama, my husband, and our boys.

3. More Self Care. Earlier this year, I had a relapse of a chronic condition which was kinda tough. Brought on by self neglect and putting work before my own wellness. I was skipping meals, not drinking enough water, getting very little sleep, and not giving myself much needed time and space to just breathe. In 2018, self care will continue to be a priority.

Why not check out the original post on MiGOALS and go through the prompts yourself. You’d be surprised how taking a few moments to reflect helps you to focus, feel inspired, and excited for the the new year. I’d love to hear what you are choosing to focus on in 2018 in the comments below.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2018 and thank you for your love and support this year. It means the world.


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